Fee Structure


  • Monthly fees are payable from 1st to 25th of the month for which fees are being paid. Annual fees are payable along with fees for April every year. For fees paid late, a fine fo Rs. 30/- till end of the month, Rs. 50/- for the first month of delay and Rs. 100/- for the second month of delay shall be charged

  • Thereafter, the student's name is liable to be struck off from the rolls without notice. Readmission, in such cases, may be considered at the discretion of the authorities on payment of all outstanding dues together with re-admission charge of Rs. 5000/-

  • Any cheque returned by bank will be treated under the category of nonpayment of fees. In case of dishonoured cheque due to any reason a fine of Rs. 300/- along with the outstanding fees in cash shall be deposited with the Account section. Therefore, parents are advised to be careful while making payment of the fees through cheque.

  • For class X & XII, all other dues upto March must be deposited by December, to get no dues certificate.